Tuesday, February 16, 2010

free without expressed written or oral consent

blogspot has quickly become my preferred method of trading music. i'm probably stating what all of you know already and have been doing for years, but i think it's fanfuckingtastic that so many people are cooperating together to put up tapes, movies, and discs. i've been hitting the blogspot for a while now, but i finally decided to make this one for our band, bands we love to play with, and of course for distributing music freely.

so below is our all-DIY release that we feel is of the highest quality of all our releases; we wrote the music ('cept one lovely cover), we wrote the lyrics (save for the cover,) tracked, mixed, and mastered the album ourselves, burned the discs, xeroxed the insert, and (i) huffed the fuck out of crazy glue while making the jacket for the disc. we give that shit out for free at shows, act like you actually enjoyed our cacophony and we'll toss ya a button, sticker, or a patch (if you're the patch type.)

download from mediafire:

i'd like to post a couple other demos for bands we hold near and dear as well. that'll probably be real soon as this blogging thing is actually holding my attention. more musings, stories, music, and sweet linking action next time. thanks for even reading this.

this has been bert.