Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursday, March 4, 2010

gacy hole homeless fest recordings 1

well. i told you i was gonna do it and now here's the first post in a series of the homeless fest recordings (in no particular order.) i know its not necessarily sex bunker music, but this show was put on by the cast and crew of the gacy hole, aka the sex bunker/shitheads family. wait, what is homeless fest you ask? simply put, homeless fest was a house show benefit at the gacy hole that happened in january 2010. it was an all day affair. there were a few schedule and line up changes (naturally.) if you came, we hope you enjoyed a whole day and a whole variety of music. the gacy hole may be doing it again some time...

STRAIGHT FACTS: i did the recordings, so you can blame me for any problems with quality or what ever you can find wrong. i'm amazed we got such clarity most of the show, i think most people will find that the balance between back up vocals and lead vocals was the biggest problem with the recordings (we had a -25 db pad stuck on one of the mics,) and there's the occasional squeal from the feedbacking microphone. some of the sets, shit got danced in to, some sets we had screamers. sadly, not all of the bands sets are usable audio, however, a majority of them are. at least i'm honest...

the original plan with these recordings was to make a compilation, but there was actually demand from many of the 14 bands to post their entire set upon hearing that it was recorded. i had not seen a majority of these bands before, so that presents a problem that i do not know many (if any) of the song titles. a good amount of them have banter before the song (actually after), so you might pick up on some band jive about what songs comin' up next. please be patient as i going to be contacting bands trying to get them to fill in the blanks for me. these have taken me a while to chop up into songs and to balance the stereo mix (ask me about it if you care at all, ill tell you about our recording set up for the show) but i'm putting up as much as possible of the usable audio of bands that the gacy family enjoys as fast as time allows. i'll be posting the songs in mp3 format so they'll be a snap to download.

if anybody's got any cool pictures of any of the band's sets or drunken good times over at the gacy hole, link em up here with an anecdote or two and well toss em into our whimsical showcase of the gacy hole homeless fest.

i'd hate to have to write a review of any of the sets on here and classify any band as some random genre that comes to mind, so i won't. Ha.

ZIGGURAT - 8 songs