Friday, April 23, 2010

f.k.a. P.B.A.R.

"formerly known as pitbull assrape." in the beginning, i got a text message from woji that said i was in the band. i'd like to say that was in august of either 2007 or 2008, probably 2007. we had been drafted to support and open up for the band "the studs" down in normal, illinois on the main strip before they reconstructed all of it. so we ended up playing out at the trans-space gallery, which was an art gallery that was condemned or being shut down or something (or something.) so we went a few cars deep down there, i don't believe any of us went to school there (except for mark who set up the show, as far as i know,) and we found a trap door basement in this gallery. you do the math on what we did. anyway, we had 2 days to practice before this show, and we managed to get two practices in. we also managed to sneak a keyboard into a "punk" band, shit we even made up a song called "we have a keyboard in our band," i dont think there were any other lyrics. i think "blah blah blah" was around for the first two practices and that got played as well, in addition to "in the news today" (with ben on a keyboard,) a song called "ROBOCOP is a seven letter word" that was a noise-off (me and woji know our noises,) some song called "christ was a kike" and fuck if i know what else we did. needless to say, we partied heartily. so now, we began practicing weekly, sometimes bi-weekly, in woji's basement in mt. greenwood, which is on the south side of chicago. spent a good chunk of time there, but now i cant remember if we moved to blue island at the practice space above haas tavern before the second show or not... so we spent from lets say september to december practicing for our second show which was once again with the studs

any fucking way, i figure if you're still reading about our history, maybe you'd be interested in this:

that video is from the studs house on new years eve, i'd like to say 2007 going in to 2008, but how should i know, i was on acid. i enjoy the fact that we have it, many thanks to eileen. i'm also not sure of how many shows we played as pitbull assrape, but i know we definitely were situated in blue island at this point, we threw a couple shows there, and a couple parties where the entire blue island police department was involved which led to the eventual eviction of the tenant. these pictures are from june 22nd, 2008, and i think we look more like yippies now than we do in these pictures. lousy longhairs.

i dunno what to talk about now. we wrote viet-nam and then we were sex bunker. time flies on heavy dope.

this has been,

Thursday, April 22, 2010

taking our sweet fucking time

fuck, it's now late april. dan pointed out to me last night that we'll have been a band for 3 years in august. the breakdown of this span of time is split between three places:

1) a year in a basement in lovely mount greenwood, with pure cop and robocop (i'll explain later)

2) a chunk of time above haas tavern in crackhead infested blue island

2.5) back to the basement, post blue island exodus

3) and now at the gacy hole in pilsen, which is not without it's charm or freebase cocaine users

there are technically 3 different recordings of sex bunker songs, none of which are really important besides the last one, "everything is awful" which is here for download if you didn't know. these discs just show our progress and the do-it-yrself spirit in full swing. there's a few older gems we don't really play anymore, including a song that was our previous namesake, maybe that'd be some good material for this here blog:

- "in the news today (pitbull assrape theme)"
this one is maybe one of the first 3 songs we made, i think we played it at our first show. anyway it's a bunch of headlines, awful awful headlines, maybe you've heard of a certain sodomy case involving a pitbull? i think you can make out the lyrics for the most part in this one, maybe i'll post them if not. it's a very weird song, both lyrically and musically, but it was formerly a mainstay in our set (and you can actually dance to it!) nowadays we do it at practice in 1/3 the time you hear here, and on occasion if it's all our friends at the show we'll pull that one out just for nostalgia's sake.

- "lies"
this very well could be the first song i wrote all the rhythm section for, ill take a stab in the dark and say its about people bullshitting you. much to our dismay, i found a rolling stones song that has the same hook, lies!, but i don't think that's the reason we stopped playing it. i think we used to play it fast when our songs were slower, and now that we play at meth overdose speed [without dipping into grind, ultraviolence (which doesn't really exist), or powerviolence speeds,] it chugs along like jason on sunday morning by comparison to the newer shit.

- "they said"
sweet chocolate jesus, this one's a doosey. we formally retired this one almost two years ago. after a year or so of playing it, we deemed it to be a knockoff bruce springsteen or "cougar" mellancamp song. hopefully you can hear why. i don't know what to really attribute that problem to: lack of lsd, too much grass smoking and bluegrass listening? shit, yr guess is as good as mine.

- "things even you can understand regardless of what you're on"
well, we still play this one, but its different on "everything is awful," that one is missing the opening bong rip! fuck yeah, obligatory drug use song! i penned this one completely, it needed a bit of a change up to reach completion so we used our war cry of the time "HIT THAT SHIT LIKE IT OWES YOU MONEY!" this one features one hell of a rip from a 5 footer from our pride and joy, jaybird to open up the song. somewhere out there, there's an alternate take of jerry doing the rip instead... this isn't just a pot song, i covered as much dope as i could. the title of the song was the title of this true story i was writing about criminal informants "narks!" in carbondale, il, but that shit got shelved. look at this you stoner:
two dynamic mics on that baby, one for the inhale and clear at the top, one for the lighter and slider at the bottom. fuck yeah, crowning achievement for the world of music recording...

i figure this is the best place to put all the media of sex bunker in one easy spot, cause you totally know thats how you want the internet to work. so inevitably, we will begin posting all the media and all the old shit. flyer archive sounds pretty good (we take pride in that shit.) videos, sure why not. (we never film ourselves, it just happens conveniently.) ideally, ill have a show from halloween 2009 at sludges up on here in the next post featuring decay after death, chum, and sex bunker, we went under the moniker of pitbull assrape and played in priest attire, a pretty fucking good look.

this has been bert,
director and curator of musical antiquities and assets

double post motherfuckers.

Monday, April 19, 2010

proof of life (or life of proof? eh? eh? fuck it)

So we're not dead. Bert is busy, I'm busy, Walsh is busy, Woji's busy, and Ben's always busy. We are working on new songs, with the eventual goal of a new release for this summer. This is a fluff post, put here to engage your interest without offering any real information.


PS - In lieu of actually having any content, here's a picture of Walsh playing around with a trumpet.