Friday, June 25, 2010

new songs for a new era of disillusionment

I have very little to say except that sex bunker will be recording new demos early in the month of july and will more than likely be producing them ourselves later in the month over at the lovely Gacy Hole. As of current, we have four songs, which are sonically sex bunker yet different in ways I cannot determine. Be on the look out here for: "Letter of the Law," "Untitled (tentatively known Hostile Organism," "Dubai," and also "And Now You're Going To Die Wearing That Stupid Little Hat."

The demos for these new cuts will be posted exclusively on this blogspot.
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"Their one guitar player [HIS NAME IS WOJI, DAMNIT] is a kind of short but makes a huge sound and their singer was large and menacing, stalking the stage like he was looking for prey before taking it to the floor to sing the last few songs in the crowd."

I wish he got a picture of woji talking through his guitar...

this has been bert

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