Sunday, October 10, 2010

"great, more garbage" release weekend

this is what they do:

this is what we do:

this was our first rhythm guitar take of our fourth song "hostile organism" f.k.a. "take off and nuke the site from orbit." this is from our new four track EP known as "great, more garbage." so, at this point in time we have: "hardcore nobody asked for," "everything is awful," and "great, more garbage." now that i type it, those titles seem somewhat related but i assure you this is an interesting coincidence.

this release is different in many aspects from our previous ones. the continuity of the tracks is one of the interesting parts of it, which was initially conceived through live performances. throughout however long that we have been playing these four new songs, our aim was to have them segue way oh-so-well and i think the recording gets that point across rather well. the first side of it was composed before ben's departure from the band and the newest of the songs "letter of the law" was an ongoing work that stemmed from many years ago and as of the last couple months became fully formed, but was arranged even further during our tracking process. hostile organism actually started around a concept that was so easily put into words by ripley up there, but happened to be extremely reflective of our chronic disillusionment (at least i feel good when i'm playing it for you.)

at the church, we like to track instrument by instrument. this often allows for more creative control for our style of mixing. on this particular recording we did stereo drums, a bass guitar neck pick up, bass bridge pickup, two different rhythm guitar tracks on multiple amps with multiple guitars, a ton of stereo guitar leads, drone tuning guitars, a theremin, a trumpet and our baldwin organ on "stupid hat," and we experimented with different vocal spaces and settled on our lovely homemade iso booth in joe asshole's closet

our drum tracking set up consists of two condensers; one large diaphragm facing the low toms, one small diaphragm facing the hat and snare, a 57 on snare, and a no name large cardioid dynamic on our bass drum (which we successfully beefed up this time.) these go into my lovely electro voice summing mixer (BK series) and we take our stereo outs into our interface. the EV mixer is super transparent, love that solid state.

i like peaveys. my recording rig consists of the old early 90's silver TNT series (post blue, pre red, i hate the red series for bass at least.) these differ from the red series because of the serious output difference as the oldies are much hotter and mine's got a lovely import sheffield in it. anywho, the bass i used was a 1977 gibson rd artist series, which predates the gibson thunderbird and is one of the first basses to have active pickups powered by a 9 volt. this has some rockin aluminum nickel cobalt pickups in it and i spared no time getting tones from both the neck and bridge pups. no fuzz boxes this time folks. ill save the distortion for woji.

woji also likes peaveys. for this recording we used his classic tuber and also a roland jazz chorus head with a crate 4x12 cab, thanks to marty rabbit for the latter two. a good amount of the rhythm gtr tracking went back and forth with both of the previously mentioned amps but all of our leads were done of the peavey tuber. woji uses a fender jagstang on 3/4 of this ep and a mexican fender stratocaster on "stupid hat."

anyway, its fucking done now, we duped the tapes and dished em out at our release party in pilsen and also in dekalb the following night at the rocking 7th street space thanks to hasta lumbago, arrest mode, and richard scarry's. a kick ass porch party ensued later with plenty of singalongs, there were no survivors.

pictures in the next post folks, any questions, leave a comment

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