Saturday, February 5, 2011

Reagan's 100th Birthday Extravaganza!

In honor of this esteemed elder statesman's centennial birthday, I present to you, my Reagan Smash Playlist.

The Ramones - Bonzo Goes to Bitburg

DRI - Reaganomics

Suicidal Tendencies - I Shot the Devil

Wasted Youth -Reagan's In

Dead Kennedys - We've Got a Bigger Problem Now

And of course, Dave Insurgent and his crew.

Reagan Youth - Reagan Youth

News on upcoming shows soon - Rockford in two weeks and Peoria in early March. Stay tuned.

1 comment:

  1. I just went through Dixon Illinois the boyhood home of Roland Reagan...
    They are the most idolatrous people in the world.
    They have this goof's image everywhere,grocery stores,restaurants,on the street signs....everywhere.
    Red Ronnie (Bitburg Contra)Reagan is their pagan god.
    There is a reason he is immortalized as a god in the media,and that is because he is the one who let the Berlin Wall down.
    What a boon for the enemies of America to have an Alzheimer patient as the President of the US.
    He quit trusting the big G God after Bush's business associate's son shot Roland Reagan(which accelerated his onset of Alzheimer's disease).
    Roland Reagan quit trusting the real God and instead listened to the whacky predictions of Jeanne Dixon.
    When he went to Bitburg and signed the US over to Gorbachev (the only commie he ever liked...thanks Roland,that's the only commie that someone who was President that _didn't_ have alzheimers would have never trusted)
    Red Ronnie and Nancy Girl trusted instead a goofball astrologer.
    It was his LUCKY STARS DAY !
    I personally call him Roland all the time so people can correct me (telling me it was Ronald) on purpose,and then I tell them"No I think his name was Roland"
    You should see them get their panties in a bunch when you disrespect the small g god in the least.
    Anyway what should be noted about this ass
    is that the Wall was there to keep Communism OUT !
    Look at the goon squads smashing down doors in the middle of the night and tasering granny.
    I suggest anyone look at the pictures of the
    Berlin Wall memorial in Red Ronnies (boyhood town though he was born the son of an alcoholic in Tampico Il)
    Here is wrinkled Ronnie amidst the images of Lenin and the Gorbachev who really won the cold war.
    Note the symbolism of an angel with no head.
    I guess that's representative of an angel with Alzheimers....
    I was in the town two weeks ago and it is enough to make you barf (as a Christian).
    These people idolize this B movie alzheimer actor more than God.
    Their hyro electric dam is shut down for some reason,and there is no industry in any of the surrounding towns.
    Just closed dilapidated empty factories that were open when Red Ronnie was the Absentminded Prez.
    When Roland Reagan (and his pal Bush)
    were in office,Detroit made cars,and there were jobs.
    Now it's all gone.
    Thanks Red Ronnie!!!!
    I am sure God approves of their worship of this Nazi Bitburg Contra dummy Astrologer following nitwit.