Friday, March 25, 2011

post garbage post punks

sex bunker is preparing and fine tuning new material. as i often joke with the band members, each new song written becomes a challenge for you, the listener, to attempt to dance to a song that isnt a 1-2-3-4 or 1-2 1-2 rhythm.

late february to present has been rather productive for sex bunker; an unmatched attention to musical detail, content, and production will ensure that our next release will be too scene for you punks, too diy for you freegans, too hi-fi for the noise crowd, too flaky for you crusties, and way too fucking long for the p/v kids (i promise its not free-jazz though.) expect a glut of new tunes, each more aberrant than the last, providing you with the finest minor sonics available in the newly created genre of bad acid trip music. that can be interpreted as "bad-acid trip-music" or "bad-acid-trip music." so pop those 2c-e laced tabs and sit in the dark waiting, we promise you we'll bring you down right when you're peaking.

working on my problem with writing sarcastically,
- bert

post sig, i am not really working on that "problem"

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  1. This sounds like a challenge. I'm going to choreograph dances to all of your songs. The performance will be deemed to scene for the public though, of course.