Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sex Bunker in Peoria

So, once again Sex Bunker is leaving the confines of the Windy City we call home. We're headed to Bradley University in Peoria, to bring our brand of madness to the people.

Mr. Animal-Mother Benson, a new student at the aforementioned institution, found us a location that has all the amenities that Sex Bunker requires to play a show (i.e., a power outlet). We'll be playing Lydia's Lounge around 8 or 9 o'clock on Friday. It's located at 1501 West Bradley Avenue, which is apparently a dorm.

Joining us in this endeavor will be our old pals, those rockers the Studs. Mr. Benson and a compatriot will also be assaulting any eardrums within range with their brand-new act. It should be a damn grand time, all around. Hopefully Peoria can rock as hard as Rockford did.

In other news, I'm getting ready to set up two Chicago-area shows with thrash-punk-doom-sludge maniacs, Lord Green. I love the shit out of these guys and am fucking stoked to play with them. Also, stay tuned - Gordo from Sin Orden contacted me about having a show in the Bunker practice hole. I'm thinking early April.

This has been Mez, who just shaved his beard, so he no longer looks like this:

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