Tuesday, June 21, 2011


So Lammie at the Don't Buy Records distro contacted me (Mez) and asked for a couple of tapes because of a review in Maximum Rocknroll. I don't have the July issue, but Lammie was kind enough to copy it for me. Dig on this shit:

SEX BUNKER - Angular and angry music from Chicago. Think fellow Chicagoans FOURTH ROTOR and make it faster and less reserved. Weird rhythms and nonsensical riffs crammed into rather ordinary song structures - they made me think, and I think I like it. Noisy and original punk? Into it. (Robert) (4-song cassette, lyrics included, sxbunkr.blogspot.com)

Pretty cool, methinks. Mezthinks. Anyway, I'm baked. It's early. I'm gonna get a copy and scan it and post it, just as proof. When we get Lammie the cassettes, I'll ask our many (ha) European fans to turn to Don't Buy as their European source for Sex Bunker shit.

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