Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Record! A Tour! We're a Real Band Now!

After a long and torturous process, Sex Bunker's newest EP is available for streaming/downloading. Get your dose of our discordant blasts of angst and terror  - ELEPHANT SKULL EP

Tonight we begin our first tour, as well - nine shows in ten days, all across the Midwest.

24th - Milwaukee, WI w/ Cousins & Pretty Wounds
25th - Chicago, IL w/ Tras de Nada, Die Time, Quickdraw
26th - Minneapolis, MN w/ Rad Payoff, Brother Nature, Fuck Detector
27th - Fargo, ND w/ Fuck Detector, The Spit, Shit on Top of Shit, Gran Mall
28th - Lincoln, NW w/ The Fake Boys, Hanscom Park, the Ridgeways
30th - Normal, IL w/ Stones in Flood, These Old Ghosts, The Swinging Party, The Rules
31st - Indianapolis, IN w/ The Classless, Piss Artist, We Must Distmantle All This
June 1st - Kalamazoo, MI w/ Parasitic Twins, Shitlist, Brown Cow & American Violence
June 2nd - Hammond, IN w/ Toupée, Hedlok

Will we survive? Only time will tell.

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