Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Review in Profane Existence

Dig it, folks:

"With a name like Sex Bunker how can this not be good right?  Well I was surprised to judge a band by its name.  To start off the A side is “I’d buy that for a dollar” basically a ballad of how Americans need to consumer everything that is flashed in front of them on the television.  Next is “Only Natural” a very nice snotty punk song  with some yelling vocals.  “A Man who had Faith”  followed by  “Sir, We Are they/Where I’m From”  and finally “Church of the Glowing Rectangle” all very well put together songs with some vocals reminding me of ANS more of the talking over the tracks then singing over them. With the last track talking about No one being there for him/them.  All in all I’m kinda sad I missed them in Minneapolis when they came through. Cool splatter packaging for this seven inch and you get stickers! Self-released.(XbezerkerX)"

I'm appreciating the ANS reference. Most excellent. Linkage!

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